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“The less people know, the better!” says Matt Damon about gay actors in Hollywood


It’s not a statement you want accredited to you when there’s been rumours about your sexuality for decades, but asked about the aforementioned gay rumours, Matt Damon appeared to suggest that actors should keep quiet about their sexuality if they want to succeed in Hollywood. “The less people know, the better!” Damon told The Guardian.

Appearing on Ellen to clarify his statement, Damon denied that he was suggesting gay actors should stay in the closet to further their careers. ‘I was just trying to say actors are more effective when they’re a mystery,’ he told openly gay Ellen DeGeneres.

Damon has still come under attack for his remarks.



  1. Mmm, this is a tricky one. On the one hand I don’t agree that it is right that an actor/actress should have to stay in the closet in order to be cast in a role while on the other hand I do feel that in some roles it may be difficult for certain sections of the audience to suspend belief in order to accept an actor/actress in particular roles. I do agree that too much information diminishes the element of mystery required.

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  2. Apparently at one of Lainey smut fests she implied he was Bi. I was surprised as I’ve never seen anything on any gossip sites. Maybe I should check out data lounge?


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