Blind Item (30/09/2015)

This A-list – maybe B-list – actor was advised by all of his agents to drop out of an upcoming film that is going to be rife with controversy, but he adamantly refused. He wants to work with the director and he really likes the script.

It’ll either be an unmitigated disaster or it’ll win every Oscar it can.

Who is our actor?

What is the film?

Why is it controversial?

4 thoughts on “Blind Item (30/09/2015)

  1. My first thought when seeing the word “controversy” was either the scientology documentary Going Clear or whatever Michael Moore’s latest bowel movement is supposed to be called, but neither of those qualify for several reasons.

    My guess then is the Steve Jobs movie coming out, directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin. “He really likes the script” is probably the biggest clue. Actor is Michael Fassbender. The reason it will be controversial is that so many in the public believe in this phony image of Jobs as some kind of tech genius/philanthropist when he was really just a monstrous person all around, and the movie will not hide any of it. Sorkin might even exaggerate Jobs’s personal flaws for dramatic effect, as he did with The Social Network and everything else he writes.


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