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Month: October 2015

Blind Item (29/10/2015)

This A-list actor and his C-list wife took part in a reality show recently. It was all very funny and surprising, and they both come across well. Why? It was […]

Blind Item (28/10/2015)

This B-list actress is on an A-list show. She’s planning to ‘sex up’ and ‘modernise’ her image in the coming years to secure some work outside said A-list show, which’ll […]

Blind Item Revealed

The network behind this series is preparing for an unmitigated disaster. It started off as a risk with mostly a foreign cast (no stars) and a unique premise, but it’s […]

Blind Item (27/10/2015)

This A-list actor, who plays an action hero, is an enthusiastic gun nut. He regularly goes shooting and has an arsenal of weapons. He, not an American, used to despise […]

Jerry Hall & Rupert Murdoch are Dating

He’s the billionaire media mogul in his 80s and she’s a former top model that was with Mick Jagger, but that isn’t stopping the media from spreading the rumour that super […]

Blind Item (25/10/2015)

This A-list writer / showrunner is having a little break down over the fast declining ratings of his show. He’s lashing out at the other writers and blaming the network, but […]

Joe Biden Not Running For President

He was expected to announce in the coming months that he is running, but Vice President of the United States Joe Biden is NOT running for President, ending months of […]

Blind Item (22/10/2015)

This B-list starlet had three big pieces of plastic surgery before she was even 18. Maybe she’s a descendants of Britney Spears? Who is our B-list starlet?

Blind Item (21/10/2015)

This reality show that was once a highly rated success and one of the leaders in the franchise has been cancelled. It won’t be back, despite the fame of the […]

Blind Item (20/10/2015)

This former A-list actor with a reputation for craziness is currently contemplating a Presidential run. Inspired by Donald Trump, he intends to run on the Republican ticket and with some […]

Raven Symone is Single

When it rains it pours. Just after huge controversy over her comments on The View, The View co-host Raven Symone has broken up with her long-term partner of over three […]

Blind Item Revealed

This A-list television actress is insufferable and impossible to work with. If you’re a fan of this actress, don’t expect to see her much after her current show finishes; her […]

Blind Item (19/10/2015)

In case you didn’t know DC vs Marvel isn’t just an argument that fanboys have, it’s actually two competing comic book companies with adaptations licensed by competing studios, and the rivalry between […]