Blind Item (30/10/2015)

The wife of this A-list comedian consistently sets him up with attractive underage girls. It was a prerequisite of their marriage.

Who is the wife?

Who is the comedian?

Blind Item (29/10/2015)

This A-list actor and his C-list wife took part in a reality show recently. It was all very funny and surprising, and they both come across well. Why? It was all scripted ahead of time. Every single second of it was planned. Why else would someone of their calibre take part without having all control?

Who are they?

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are Divorcing


It’s been a bad month for Halle Berry. After her CBS television show Extant was cancelled in early October after bad reviews, bad ratings and two seasons, the 49 year old Academy Award winner is also getting divorced!

In a joint statement with husband Olivier Martinez, 49, Berry said, ‘It is with a heavy heart that we have come to the decision to divorce. We move forward with love and respect. We wish each other nothing but happiness in life, and we hope that you respect our, and most importantly our children’s privacy, as we go through this difficult period.’

Berry and husband of two years Olivier Martinez have a two year old child together, and have been through a lot of highly publicized drama that included Martinez attacking Berry’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, who she has her first child with. The reason for the divorce, however, has nothing to do with Aubry, but is said to be due to a lawsuit filed against the couple after Martinez allegedly attacked an airport employee in January of this year.

Blind Item Revealed

The network behind this series is preparing for an unmitigated disaster. It started off as a risk with mostly a foreign cast (no stars) and a unique premise, but it’s quickly escalated into a guaranteed flop with dull scripts and mediocre acting. They’ve already cancelled the show, but they’re still going to the air the series as a limited miniseries of some sort. ‘They were going back and forth between cancelling the show before it aired, losing loads of cash and garnering the bad publicity that comes with it, or just airing it in a quiet timeslot and hoping no one notices.’

What is out disastrous show?

What is our network?



It started off as ‘Black Swan – the TV Show’ but it’s fast become a write-off and a flop. We told you what was happening with Starz drama Flesh and Bone a couple of months ago and finally the network has confirmed on Deadline that it’ll be airing as a limited miniseries instead of a series and it won’t be returning in the future. Flesh and Bones will also be released in its entirety online after it’s première.


Jerry Hall & Rupert Murdoch are Dating

Photo: Digital mischief

Photo: Digital mischief

He’s the billionaire media mogul in his 80s and she’s a former top model that was with Mick Jagger, but that isn’t stopping the media from spreading the rumour that super model Jerry Hall and Fox News kingpin Rupert Murdoch are dating.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the romance between the odd couple began when Murdoch, 84, was introduced to Hall, 59, by his sister and his niece in Australia. Murdoch divorced ex-wife Wendi Deng back in 2013, while Hall’s confusing relationship / marriage with rockstar Mick Jagger ended in 1999.

Murdoch, I’m told, is a workaholic that spends a lot of time dedicated to his job. Although he’s relaxed in recent years, Murdoch is still involved with day-to-day operations of his conglomerate News Corp. For this reason and this reason alone I’m reluctant to believe that this relationship actually exists and my sources vary, but according to the Mail on Sunday Murdoch and Hall will ‘go public’ with their romance soon enough, specifcially citing the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham as the event.

Blind Item (25/10/2015)

This A-list writer / showrunner is having a little break down over the fast declining ratings of his show. He’s lashing out at the other writers and blaming the network, but the other writers and the network are thinking it’s more to do with him and some of his decisions. It’s unlikely the show will be cancelled, but it is going down as a disappointment.

Who is our A-list writer / showrunner?

What is the show?

Joe Biden Not Running For President

AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

He was expected to announce in the coming months that he is running, but Vice President of the United States Joe Biden is NOT running for President, ending months of speculation. Biden, 72, was definitely considering the run and is said to have talked about various campaign strategies with consultants, but according to a spokesman, Biden decided he wouldn’t run on Tuesday for reasons pertaining to his son’s death, noting the window for a successful campaign “has closed.”

“While I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent,” Biden said with President Obama and his wife by his side, hinting that he’ll be involved in the Democratic primaries in one or another.

Biden was considered by many to be the likely candidate for the Democratic Party. I’m hearing that Biden was definitely interested in a run, but something changed his mind.

Watch Biden’s speech here.