Blind Item (02/10/2015)

The stars of this box office disappointment are shell shocked by what they’re recently been told by the studio. “No sequels. No spin-offs. No other appearances. It’s over.” They thought that despite the disappointment they’d still be back for at least another appearance as their characters.

Who is our cast?

What is the movie?

6 thoughts on “Blind Item (02/10/2015)

    • This is tricky. The Terminator announcement was just made early this morning and if the blind isn’t about that, what a coincidence! But, the movie has actually done well in total worldwide box office and I suspect the studio decision was motivated more by the critical reception than anything.

      There’s been no announcement yet about F4 but it was a much bigger failure, financially speaking, and also a critical disaster. The timing could just be a coincidence. I don’t really know. Either way, they’re both terrible and dead in the water!


  1. Given what a mess Fantastic Four was behind the scenes and the drubbing it took at the box office and with the critics…I don’t think the cast is too sad about another one not being made.

    The cast of Terminator, however, probably thought 112 million gross in China might have earned a sequel. But the movie has been placed on hold (much like another movie that was “saved” by Chinese box office-Pacific Rim) and I think lukewarm response worldwide with the exception of China is why.


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