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The Good Wife Star Julianna Margulies Denies Feud Between Her and Archie Panjabi, Archie Panjabi Disagrees



It’s long been rumoured that The Good Wife stars Archie Panjabi and Julianna Marguiles have had a feud on the set, but the juicy rumour has often been denied and or left addressed by the cast and crew of the hit CBS show. Even after a controversial final scene involving the two stars that was filmed separately and sliced together with clever editing, allegedly so the two didn’t have to share a room. Although this heated-up and – for many – provided substance to the gossip, Julianna is saying the reason for the two not filming the scene together is Panjabi’s prior commitments. “You also have to remember, there’s difficulty … She was also doing another show, called The Fall.”

Archie, however, tweeted a rebuttal, denying Marguile’s version of events.

I wouldn’t he holding out hope for Panjabi to return to the CBS show any time.



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