Blind item (08/10/2015)

This A-list actor, who happens to be worth hundreds of millions, isn’t planning on leaving his fortune to any of children. Charity? Nope. Friends? Nope. Family? Nope. Guess.

Who is our A-list actor?

Where is he leaving his cash?

8 thoughts on “Blind item (08/10/2015)

  1. I can’t imagine Travolta has that much money. Tom Cruise on the other hand has had producing credits on 19 of his movies, including all of the Mission Impossible movies & had big back-ends on insanely successful movies for a giant chunk of his career. So I’ll say Tom Cruise and he’s leaving his money to Scientology.

    But I’m rooting for him to leave his money to a secret gay lover!


  2. Arnold, and he’s leaving it all to his ugly maid!

    Just kidding. It has to be Cruise or some other scientologist. Maybe Will Smith. There aren’t very many actors worth “hundreds of millions” and many of those are just heirs to other fortunes. Of the A-list mega successes, very few are crazy or assholish enough to screw everyone over like that. Even if it was somebody who believed that their children shouldn’t get a free pass in life via inheritance, the money would wind up in a charity, which the blind says they aren’t.

    I wonder what would happen if a person with a >$300 net worth liquidated and literally burned the money ala The Dark Knight? That’s a hell of a way to go down in history.


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