Former X-Factor Contestant Lashes Out at Cheryl Fernandez-Versini


Katie Waissel, a contestant on the seventh series of X-Factor, has has hit out at her show mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, branding the Girls Aloud singer ‘a nasty, horrible human.’

In an interview with Bella magazine, Waissell accuses Cheryl of placing too much value on public opinion and not being genuine. “When she was my mentor, she kept trying to be my best friend and steal my cigarettes. I personally thought she was nasty, a horrible human and completely not genuine.”

In a separate interview with newspaper The Sun, Waissell expands. “‘If you ask me, she is fake as shit. I just think there’s no substance to her.”

Waissel now performs with the LA-based band Red Velvet.

8 thoughts on “Former X-Factor Contestant Lashes Out at Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

    • Hello, how have you been?

      I dislike her because much of what she has achieved is down to her physical appearance which she exploits endlessly rather than any talent. I have always found it laughable that she is a judge on a singing show when she can’t sing! She did a duet with Gary Barlow for the Queen’s birthday or some sort of celebration like that a couple of years ago and a cat being skinned would have sounded more melodic and hit more notes in the correct register. She doesn’t appear to have much of an internal life and seem to have trouble stringing together a coherent sentence.


      • Hello! Welcome back. Where have you been? I was looking for you earlier in the week! I remember that duet with Gary Barlow. She ruined one of my favourite songs


  1. Work, unfortunately! Meetings, meetings meetings. Was absolutely knackering!

    I don’t understand the British public buying her records – I mean her voice, if you can call it that, is always auto tuned to destruction, then again maybe it is just as well – save the nation’s ears.

    Have you had a good week?


    • Hey! Look who’s come crawling back to TGL 😉 I joke, of course. Hope everything’s okay! If I don’t see the regulars on here I start to panic.


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