Blind Item (16/10/2015)

This A-list couple have been arguing furiously over politics lately. The A-list husband is a Democrat. The A-list wife is an independent that often votes Republican. Our A-list husband is a decent guy, but he’s a little… simplistic, and it often infuriates his wife, especially when they discuss politics. Recently they’ve put a ban on political discussion, after several fiery arguments that resulted in separate rooms.

Who are our couple?

22 thoughts on “Blind Item (16/10/2015)

  1. This site is getting boring. Rehashing old news and gossip culled from other sites and tabloids. GL needs to buck up its ideas. It is also quite some time since there has been any reveals. I visited this site because it used to have a reputation for unearthing interesting stories – there are very few now.


  2. Goodness, I didn’t know that you were old as well! You are being a bit harsh on yourself but if that is how you feel by all means take your own advice. Word of warning – talking to yourself in the mirror too many times is usually a sign that you need to check your mental health.


  3. Well, given your poor language skills and limited vocabulary – bitch, retard, fuck off and the C word – obviously you are talking about yourself again! It hasn’t been very stimulating this back and forth and now that you have confirmed that you are weakminded I shall desist as I don’t like to make fun of the less fortunate. Good night all.


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