Blind Item (19/10/2015)

In case you didn’t know DC vs Marvel isn’t just an argument that fanboys have, it’s actually two competing comic book companies with adaptations licensed by competing studios, and the rivalry between the two can get pretty heated. One C-list actress is under contract of one of these companies for a – I’ll be honest – pretty minor part, and the feelers were put out to see if she could come over to the rival studio to play an A-list + role in one of the their upcoming movies. She’d have earned more fame, money and exposure, but the employer shut it down and the part went to someone else. She’s still reeling from it.

Who is our C-list actress?

10 thoughts on “Blind Item (19/10/2015)

  1. This happened with Emily Blunt too. She was going to be The Black Widow, but FOX (Who have movie rights to X-Men & Fantastic Four) used a contract option on her at the last minute. She had to star in that awful Jack Black Gulliver’s Travels movie. Emily’s career would have been pretty different had FOX let her out of her contract. Not sure if it would’ve been a better career, but she would’ve made a ton more money.

    As for this blind, Jamie Alexander fits, but I don’t recall the rumors of her being the next Wonder Woman were more than just speculation by websites listing who they think should play the part. I don’t remember reading about her having actual meetings with Warner Brothers about it. I could have missed it of course, but I don’t remember ever reading about her having meetings with the WB about it. I think this might be someone that was up for a part for a movie, or part in a movie that hasn’t been announced yet….. but since I can’t think of anyone that would fit I guess Jamie is who this blind is about.


  2. I think everybody is right on the money with Jamie Alexander/Wonder Woman. All of the major superheroes of both traditions are cast now (some of them re-casted or re-re-casted) so unless it’s a re-cast for Black Widow that we don’t know about, Wonder Woman is the only answer. X-men has a few new/recasted characters but none of them are A+ list as the blind says. None of the other C-listers in current comic book movies have the physicality for Wonder Woman, either.


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