The Juicy Scoop on James Bond’s Spectre



It’s only a week until the 24th Bond film Spectre will be released in the UK and my sources aren’t being exactly glowing when it comes to the final project. The film, which struggled through a difficult production, is being called ‘overlong’ and ‘bloated’  by some of my gossip allies, and the romance between Bond and Bond girl Dr. Swann is particularly dull, with nearly all of them calling it a pale imitation of Bond’s romance with Vesper in Casino Royale. There’s apparently also a shoehorned plot with the villain, which I’m told is both bizarre and forced. Ultimately one person says scathingly: ‘It’s trying to imitate the best parts of Casino Royale and Skyfall, but it’s more Quantum Solace.”

It isn’t all bad for Spectre, however. Some are telling me it’s good and praising the film.

Bond’s tracking is disappointing and it’s unlikely it’ll beat Skyfall’s box office result, which in itself was considered an overperformer.

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