Blind Item (22/10/2015)

This B-list starlet had three big pieces of plastic surgery before she was even 18. Maybe she’s a descendants of Britney Spears?

Who is our B-list starlet?

12 thoughts on “Blind Item (22/10/2015)

  1. Okay. Ariana may have done something to her nose and eyes, BUT even after her 18 she still has small breasts. So the site about allegedly surgeries doesn’t make any sense.

    Lips? Are we even sure that this happened? If it did, then it allegedly happend LATER.

    Demi allegedly have had bigger breasts (I do not think it was before 18), but her chin looks pretty much the same (the site says that she played with the idea to do this MUCH LATER. Nose? Maybe before her being 18, but not sure.

    I will go for Bella Thorne.


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