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Month: November 2015

Blind Item (30/11/2015)

This A-list commodity has already spent over eight figures overall in gifts for his A-list partner. Who are they?

Blind Item (27/11/2015)

For a hell of a long time this B-list actress refused to do certain roles because she considered them too commercial or too thin (role without a lot of layers), but […]

Blind Item (26/11/2015)

This A-list actress may be absolutely breathtaking in pictures, but so many people find it hard to recognise the actress in person. I’m not saying she’s a hideous monster or […]

Blind Item (25/11/2015)

This actor is A-list, but the police might have to prepare a pen and notepad for an interview, because our actor has ties to some of the insurgent terrorist groups […]

Blind Item (24/11/2015)

Don’t expect the usual messy break-up drama from this A-list actress’s upcoming divorce. She’s assembled a PR team and family to keep her in line. She knows just how much […]

Charlie Sheen in Gay Sex-tape Shame

It’s been a bad week for Charlie Sheen. He’s been forced to reveal he has HIV and now he’ll be forced to admit his bisexuality. A video has emerged of Sheen, […]

Blind Item (23/11/2015)

A lot of employers in this famous, fabulous industry are hoping the sexism debate doesn’t turn to them next. To ensure it doesn’t happen, a group of the most powerful have talked […]

American Horror Story Ratings Plummet

It’s a horror-comedy show, but the only thing horrific and funny about American Horror Story is the ratings. The Lady Gaga-starring anthology series has lost even more viewers, according to […]

The Bastard Executioner Axed

It was acclaimed writer Kurt Sutter’s first televison project after the hugely successful Sons of Anarchy, but The Bastard Executioner failed to find the audience of the Hells Angels show […]

Blind Item (20/11/2015)

I don’t think there’s an actress alive that wants to be liked and loved as much as this A-list actress. Populist politics? Count her in. Kissing anyone successful’s ass? Check. Pursuing […]

Blind Item (19/11/2015)

This network is considered a haven for creative types and the dream for writers, but things may be changing in the future. There are many at the network that are unhappy […]

Blind Item (18/11/2015)

The budget of this highly hyped television series has doubled due to delays, filming issues and a messy, messy set. The network regret their involvement and are fully prepared for […]

Lindsay Lohan Returns to Acting

It’s been a relatively quiet two years for tabloid favourite Lindsay Lohan. She had a short stint in reality television, moved to London and performed in a play. But the […]

Blind Item Revealed

This A-list actor has been on some of the biggest television shows of recent times, but it’s his personal life that usually makes the headlines. You may have noticed, however, […]