Blind Item (02/11/2015)

This current Presidential Candidate has a spiritual guru they use to reach the deceased and they’ve been using the spiritual guru to personally contact Jesus Christ.

Who are they?

11 thoughts on “Blind Item (02/11/2015)

  1. This is probably my favorite blind since the RFK one…the most religious candidates are Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum, though all the GOP and most of the dems are pretty devout, so it could be anyone. I know GWB used to talk about “personally speaking with Christ” but that was just a metaphor for prayer. He wasn’t paying some scam artist wizard to do it for him. It says to reach “the deceased” which almost certainly means family. Joe Biden is Mr. Tragedy but he isn’t running. So…

    My guess is John Kasich. He might not be running on his religion like the others but he is very devout and has run a bible study group since the death of his parents. They died almost 30 years ago, though, so I’m reaching. Fiorina lost a step-daughter much more recently, but she doesn’t have the same religious/spiritual creds. All the rest have that “personal relationship with Jesus” line going for them so that’s not a useful clue. Ben Carson is my distant third guess. Not much to go on here, because everybody’s lost somebody, especially when you reach presidential age.


    • Yeah, none of these guys belong to some nutty sect that would believe in hiring a medium to talk to the dead, unless you count priests/the church, in which case shame on the blind writer for cheating. I agree that Huckabee would just do this through the standard jeebus prayers if he wanted. It sounds more like someone who is “spiritual” instead of religious. Most candidates aren’t going to admit that and try to push a mainstream religion for the votes.

      Sanders is probably the least religious, but oh my god, could you imagine the backlash from his 17-year-old voter base if he turned out to believe in wizards and ghosts??


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