Blind Item (03/11/2015)

This B-list actress badly wants off of a show that she’s on. It’s in its second season and it’s disappointing in the ratings, but she’s not happy with the calibre of the writing, nor the type of ‘mad comedy’ show that she’s on.

Who is she?

What is the show?

3 thoughts on “Blind Item (03/11/2015)

  1. Okay, so I should be able to get this one. I have a strong suspicion that the answer is The Last Man on Earth. Here’s a ratings snapshot:

    Worst of the day in total viewers, but not by a large margin. More importantly the demo is doing “ok” at 1.5, score that would have been instant cancellation ten years ago but now is acceptable. I think “disappointing” is a good word for it because it’s a Fox show meant to step in to the ratings powerhouse that is Sunday nights. Not a disaster, but not the big anchor they were hoping for given the talent involved.

    Now critically it’s definitely a disaster. The original pilot was excellent but, as some shows do, it petered out almost instantly with episode 2 and onward. Season two started strong but, again, turned shitty rather fast. I don’t know why! Will Forte (who writes, produces, and stars) can do better, as can most of the actors who got stuck to this turd.

    The B-list actor is, of course, January Jones of Mad Men fame. It’s her own fault for not reading the scripts.


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