Blind Item Revealed

This show has huge buzz around it, with fans and with advertisers alike… Yet the network is worrying. They’ve seen entire episodes of the show and they’re already resigning themselves to a flop.

What is our flopping show?


Scream Queens

It was called the new Empire and was thought to bring the horror-comedy and high ratings of American Horror Story to network TV, but Fox’s Scream Queens has tanked in the ratings and is already an early candidate for cancellation. We told you that Fox was worrying back in May, but even we couldn’t predict the woeful ratings of Screams Queen. The new comedy-drama is the lowest show in its timeslot and has one of the biggest budgets in network. It currently has about 2.5 million viewers, 10 million viewers less than NCIS on CBS, almost 10 million less than The Voice on NBC and 1 million less than ABC’s Agent of Shield, all airing at the same time.

I’m told that Scream Queens might survive for next season yet. It depends on the upcoming episodes ratings. There’s also talk of rebooting the show for next season with a mostly new cast and an entirely different premise.

2 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed

  1. So much prime trim on that show aswell. I’ve cracked one out to every one of them.

    1. Emma Roberts
    2. Skyler Samuels
    3. Abigail Breslin
    4. Lea Michele
    5. Black Chick
    6. Carrie Fisher’s kid


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