Blind Item (11/11/2015)

The ex-wives of this A-list Presidential Candidate have been paid for their silence over the coming months, even years. It wasn’t a big deal and it certainly didn’t cost a lot.

Who is the Presidential Candidate?

Who are the wives?

5 thoughts on “Blind Item (11/11/2015)

  1. It can only be Trump, right? It seems so lazy and obvious that I feel like it’s a trick. If I wrote this blind I wouldn’t even say that he’s a presidential candidate. I can’t find any other male presidential candidates with divorces (Carly Fiorina is divorced, Biden is a widower + not running). The clues (isn’t a big deal, didn’t cost a lot) are paraphrased Trump quotes so it’s not exactly difficult to piece together. A bit disappointed in this one, to be honest.


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