Blind Item (13/11/2015)

This A-list actress is talented and versatile. She’s no Lucille Ball, but she can do comedy. She’s no Katherine Hepburn, but she can do drama. She’s a good performer all around, but her attitude gets worse and worse. She has such an ego on her that she believes she’s one of the greatest actresses of all time and has convinced herself that she’ll eventually win more Academy Awards than Meryl. I wouldn’t mind if she treated those around her with respect, but she treats the extras and the staff on set like serfs in her serfdom, and don’t bother approaching her if you’re a fan for an autograph of a picture. Unless she’s in a VERY good mood, she’ll decline in curt terms and walk away.

Who is she?

18 thoughts on “Blind Item (13/11/2015)

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez certainly qualify. I don’t see any slam-dunk clues so this can apply to a wide range of people. Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Aniston, the list goes on. Paltrow is probably the best guess. I can see her right now preparing her next six Oscar acceptance speeches.


    • It would be really disappointing if J-Law turned out to be another G-Pal, because she has built a persona around being unusually normal for someone so rich and famous.


  2. Jennifer Lawrence .
    According to a French tv host,you must not say her “hello”,you must not touch her or ask selfie with her or autograph .According to some French fans,she signed less autographs than Leo Dicaprio in premiere


    • And yet everyone at the Berlin and London premieres said she signed autographs for longer than any other actor there. The second she got out of the car she ran over to the fans. Can’t shake her hand? Then how did all the other journalists at all the other premiere manage to do it? Can’t say hello? Then how come there are all these interviews online of her with journalists? Your TV host is full of shit.

      The answer is Cate Blanchett.


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  4. It’s Anne Hathaway. I have heard people who’ve worked with her and come back with not so positive things to say about her. She can also dabble in both comedy and drama well.


  5. Cate Blanchett. Lucille Ball references the upcoming biopic. Katharine Hepburn references The Aviator (for which Blanchett won her first Oscar). I think she’s a wonderful actress but she definitely has an air about her. People fawn over her talent and style but I don’t often hear about her as a person. I also NEVER see pictures of her with fans. Never. She strikes me as really cold.


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