Tom Cruise Freaking Out Because of Leah Remini


He’s Hollywood biggest actor star, but box office superstar Tom Cruise is said to be ‘freaking out’ because of Leah Remini’s public attacks against the Church of Scientology and himself, according to US Weekly. Cruise, 53, has been painted as a diva in Remini’s new autobiography Troublemaker that details her dramatic time and exit from Scientology. ‘He’s freaking out,’ a source tells US Weekly. ‘He thinks it’s a major betrayal.’

It’s been said Cruise will not respond to the attacks against his and the Church’s character. Instead, Cruise will allow Scientology’s team of lawyers and publicists discredit and attack Remini in a similar strategy to how they attacked second wife Nicole Kidman after their divorce.

Remini is now considered a Suppressive Person (Persona Non Grata) by the Church and thus its members will have little-to-no contact with the King of Queens actress. Remini and her family now identify as practising Catholics.

Buy Remini’s book Troublemaker here.

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