Blind Item (16/11/2015)

I’ve been working on this one for months, talking with various sources and making sure that every typed word is correct and verified. We don’t publish bullshit here. This is TheGossipLife, not RadarOnline.

This A-list actress once drew her then A-list actor husband away from a powerful organisation. At first she begrudgingly accepted his allegiance to it for the sake of their relationship and the love they shared, but over time she saw just how harmful it was and she adamantly refused to renounce her own beliefs nor regularly partake, often secretly taking their children together to Catholic mass. ‘She felt they were anti-intellectual and harmful,’ says one source, who claims the actress is amongst the smartest people she’s ever met. ‘Every time I saw her, it was obvious that she didn’t want to be there and I felt her hostility.’

Her fervent opposition to it eventually led him to stop attending the services and drastically scaling down his involvement. The powerful organisation reluctantly accepted this on one condition: no public proclamation was to be released against them by either case, or there would be public repercussions for them both. For several years (yep!), there was no issue or clashing between the organisation and the actors… until the actress was caught attending a religious ceremony with their children… and him. He was practising the actress’ religion and – allegedly (my sources clash on this) – in the midst of converting! As soon as the powerful organisation discovered this, the hierarchy decided that all attention and efforts would be focused on splitting the couple up and the false rumours of an affair on her part eventually succeeded in achieving it. Our actor now has no life of his own that isn’t controlled or picked for him. ‘I doubt there’s even a human being behind that façade any more,’ says one of my sources on this, who is a former member of the powerful organisation. ‘If there is, it certainly misses and longs for the wife.’

Who are the couple?

Who is the powerful organisation?

12 thoughts on “Blind Item (16/11/2015)

  1. The whole thing is just sad and a bit pathetic. They were always my favourite celebrity couple. They seem to have had the best of each other. I do think that Nicole would take him back in a shot if he begged and admitted the CO$ were a bunch of cretins. Until she met Keith I think she thought he’d go back to her. Sidenote – not convinced being a supporter of the catholic church is an indicator of cleverness given the history of the organisation and it’s current conduct.


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