Blind Item (17/11/2015)

This B-list actress is so hated on the set of her television show that the cast and crew have resorted to spitting in her food and drink. They’re all terrified of her, so it’s a miracle they’ve been so brazen so often. She quite often gets people fired and will humiliate someone in front of the cast and crew without a real reason.

Who is she?


10 thoughts on “Blind Item (17/11/2015)

  1. Based on the post yesterday I’d say Jamie Alexander. I can’t remember if it was on here or another site that had a blind that was pretty clearly about her. All I’ve been hearing is how big of a pain in the ass she is. I keep thinking celebs will see all of the other celebrities that were giant assholes and have fallen off their pedestal, and realize they shouldn’t be treating people like that if they want long successful careers…… guess some people will never learn.

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