Blind Item (18/11/2015)

The budget of this highly hyped television series has doubled due to delays, filming issues and a messy, messy set. The network regret their involvement and are fully prepared for a disappointment. Despite the wonderful cast and esteemed crew, they’re thinking a first season cancellation is the most likely result right now.

What is the show?

What is the network?

5 thoughts on “Blind Item (18/11/2015)

  1. This is right up my alley so I should be able to get it. You guys have some excellent guesses with The Expanse and Westworld. I’m having trouble figuring out if this blind means a recent new show, one premiering soon or one premiering later next year.

    If it’s a current show then my guess is Ash Vs The Evil Dead. Clues are “messy, messy set”. Wonderful cast is Bruce Campbell, of course, and the esteemed crew is original Evil Dead team Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert & Co. Network is Starz. They seem pretty gutsy though. I would have expected it to be a bunch of idiots like sci-fi or an alphabet network.

    If it’s an upcoming series…Westworld is likely. Ambitious team (led by Jonathan Nolan, quite esteemed!) and a great cast, but so do many others coming out. They also have Clifton Collins Jr who is a notorious pain in the ass and might very well have caused delays, though I would expect the blind to mention an actor being a problem. Network is HBO, a super-professional group, so it’s unlikely they are regretting the series.

    For a future series, 11.22.63 is premiering in just under a year from now, has an A+++ list cast, and is being developed by JJ Abram’s people. It’s a standalone story and a 9-episode miniseries, so a first season cancellation is definitely likely! Network is Hulu. They might have regretted such a ridiculous investment to compete with HBO/Netflix. I don’t know if they’re swimming in cash.

    Final answer is Ash because of the messy, messy set.


    • I’m going with Westworld. I’ve always thought of HBO as a professional network until the leaked requirements for extras regarding Westworld. I think the bad publicity and industry debate that created would be enough for HBO to regret the show.


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