Blind Item (19/11/2015)

This network is considered a haven for creative types and the dream for writers, but things may be changing in the future. There are many at the network that are unhappy with the current slate, feeling only one or two shows is a commercial and critical success, worthy of the network, and that too much power / money has been given to famous actors, writers and producers simply because they’re famous. They fear that another medium is moving in on their domain and they’ll be left behind.

What is the network?

6 thoughts on “Blind Item (19/11/2015)

  1. HBO only has Game of Thrones and maybe Veep as certified hits. Everything else is pretty shit. Then again, AMC once had Breaking Bad and Mad Men, and now it doesn’t have much in terms of awards winners.


  2. HBO is fearing Netflix. AMC isn’t the answer because it’s fostered a reputation as a total nightmare for creative types, and plenty of talented actors and writers have fled for FX, Starz, etc after going to AMC first. Frank Darabont is the most high profile example, and he came out in interviews explaining that despite his show The Walking Dead being a runaway hit the network slashed the budget. When he complained that they can’t make the zombies look movie quality without money, they suggested not showing them any more and just “implying” them with noises and shadow. Something similar happened with their biggest prestige show at the time (Mad Men), so it isn’t like they are just too highbrow for zombie schlock. Any aspiring writer would do well to stay the hell away.

    This clue also points to HBO:

    “and that too much power / money has been given to famous actors, writers and producers simply because they’re famous.”

    This is Lena Dunham and her team, for sure. Besides HBO the only networks that have this problem are the reality garbage people with their Kardashians and whatnot. In premium, “golden age of TV” land, HBO has a Dunham problem and everyone else has their shit in order.

    “Another medium” can only be the internet via Netflix/Amazon/Hulu, unless there’s some exec shaking in their boots over ebook self-publishing. I doubt it.


    • We commented at almost the exact same time, saying similar things! Are you watching me?

      Completely agree with HBO being the answer, obviously.


    • >This is Lena Dunham and her team, for sure.

      Not sure about that, but they are giving actors executive producer credits on anything they star in, or formerly stared in like Harrelson and McConaughey still being producers on season 2 of True Detective


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