Blind Item (20/11/2015)

I don’t think there’s an actress alive that wants to be liked and loved as much as this A-list actress. Populist politics? Count her in. Kissing anyone successful’s ass? Check. Pursuing roles in the latest ‘hot’ auteur’s movies? Hell yeah.

It’s the game, I suppose, but I dislike how desperate and shameless she can be when she’s playing it. Crying and screaming at a friend / director because he worked with another actress, practically bullying him into casting you in his next movie? Grow up.

Who is she?

6 thoughts on “Blind Item (20/11/2015)

  1. Julianne Moore, who has recently been cast in Todd Hayne’s next movie. He just worked with Cate Blanchett and nearly every movie he’d done until then he’d worked on with Julianne Moore.

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