Blind Item (23/11/2015)

A lot of employers in this famous, fabulous industry are hoping the sexism debate doesn’t turn to them next. To ensure it doesn’t happen, a group of the most powerful have talked over email, planning how to handle the media just in case people start looking deeper. They don’t want to be exposed as paying their male employees significantly less than the females.

What is the industry?

12 thoughts on “Blind Item (23/11/2015)

    • You sound dumb. Republican men always accuse women and minorities of playing the victim while claiming that men have it hard and playing the victim themselves. Modeling and porn are the ONLY industries where women make less than men


  1. If it’s a “fabulous” industry it has to be modeling, fashion, or possibly theater/musicals as an outside guess. Women models are certainly paid more but that’s just supply and demand. The blind mentioned the “powerful” and nobody is powerful in theater so I guess it has to fall on fashion/modeling (which are the same thing, really). Women are also paid much, much higher in porn but the blind says “fabulous” whereas the porn industry is pretty grungy, no matter your moral stance on the issue.


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