Blind Item (26/11/2015)

This A-list actress may be absolutely breathtaking in pictures, but so many people find it hard to recognise the actress in person. I’m not saying she’s a hideous monster or anything, but she looks just average. A source of mine claims to have had a conversation with this egotistical, childish, sarcastic woman and later on someone told him that it was our actress.

Who is our actress?

11 thoughts on “Blind Item (26/11/2015)

      • That’s interesting. Scott’s link seems to point towards Theron. Maybe she was having an off day, or Brand was just high and it wasn’t her at all. Or maybe when you saw her in Paris she had her shit together better, I dunno. Either way that clue seals it for me.


      • @Dennis: it was during a TV show Le Grand Journal for this Snow White and The Huntsman promotion.Theron was long-haired and she promoted the movie with Kristen Stewart ( who is very pretty also. beautiful green eyes! ) They were nice with the public also.


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