Blind Item (27/11/2015)

For a hell of a long time this B-list actress refused to do certain roles because she considered them too commercial or too thin (role without a lot of layers), but her attitude has changed lately. After several of her auteur-directed efforts flopped critically and commercially, she’s now happily taking roles in big budgeted pulp.

Don’t let the persona fool you. She’s just a big of a gameplayer as the rest of them.

Who is our actress?

18 thoughts on “Blind Item (27/11/2015)

  1. Man, I’m having trouble with this one, so I’m going to come back to it when I have more time to research. My shitty best guess right now is Elizabeth Banks, but she did the Pitch Perfect movies which are not commercial flops. Maybe her other shit is. I’m going to get this one…eventually.


  2. Robin Wright? She will be Queen Hippolyta in Wonder Woman (the one Nicole Kidman wanted so bad) and she’s on Forbes’ list of the highest paid actresses bc House of Cards. I also know she got a top billing credit and huge paycheck for her two weeks of work on Everest. Anyone as old as I am can remember how Wright turned down pretty much every big commercial movie and refused to be the next sweetheart in the 90’s. She became a legend for her pickiness, so much that they stopped offering. She’s always been picky and she still is, but maybe entering in the DC comics universe and the franchise is a big change for her pickiness and maybe the role of Hippolyta is meaty enough…I’m pretty sure than in the last 5 years she made more money than her ex husband (penn) and her ex boyfriend (foster) combined.

    PS: first time commenter and loving the blog, thanks so much, keep the good work folks.


    • Hi Kay! Welcome to The Gossip Life! Hope you stick around. I’m hearing mixed things on Nicole Kidman and Wonder Woman, but a very reliable source tells me Kidman had scheduling conflicts (She has six months booked straight) and they were refusing to meet her asking price. Sean Bean and Eva Green, who were also in negotiations, were also asked to work for low salaries, and they refused.

      – Sam


      • Thank you Sam, I’m certainly stalking around, this blog is on a whole new level, it’s gold. Heard about Kidman’s scheduling too! But apparently she wanted to be Hippolyta so bad the she got her team leaking the negotiations rumors so she can force them to meet her schedule and salary, but Jenkins went for RW instead…do you know approximately how much Kidman was asking and how much Wright got?


  3. It’s Jessica Chastain. She did the small, honest, juicy roles and got no attention, but look at her recent work. The Martian (a total nothing role, could have been done by anyone), the Huntsman prequel (which looks terrible and she was totally miscast), etc etc.


    • Chastain yet was Oscar and Bafta nod twice and even Golden Globe winner.She doesn’t fit ( in my opinion) because she acts in blockbusters 2/3 years ago .Interstellar.Crimson Peak.The Martian….


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