Blind Item (07/12/2015)

This A-list actor used to force his A-list actress wife into donating to and endorsing Democratic candidates come election time. Ever since their divorce, with the exception of a close friend over ten years ago, there have been no others – she hasn’t donated a dime to anyone. Perhaps her A-list husband, who is a staunch Republican, has changed her views.

Who is our actor?

Who is the actress?

5 thoughts on “Blind Item (07/12/2015)

    • I instantly thought of Aniston/Pitt/Theroux when I saw this blind, but after a little research it turns out Justin Theroux isn’t a “staunch Republican” as the blind says, but just mildly right-leaning and interested in politics. Or maybe he really is a secret arch-Republican and I just don’t know it? The timing is close enough as Aniston divorced Pitt just over ten years ago and recently remarried. Pitt’s a known Democrat donor/supporter, and she’s somewhere in the middle and not too enthused with the national candidates (didn’t support Kerry for example). I’m not sure if Theroux is A-list yet, but is the lead in a major HBO drama now so he’s at least A-.

      So I’m not sure about my answer but I think yours fits even better. Keith Urban is more clearly an A-lister and about as staunch as it gets on the R-side. Kidman did not donate to or support Obama, so the timing here is also perfectly in line with the blind. The one thing I can’t figure out is who the “close friend” is. I did find this intriguing link:

      The quote:

      “Nicole Kidman contributed a grand total of $25,500 spread among every election cycle between 1994 and 2004 but hasn’t given a dime since then.”

      Relevant phrasing! I think you have it right but I’ll say Aniston and co are my #2 choice. Whoever it is, fun blind.


      • In first ,I thought about Aniston/Pitt/Theroux but I don’t buy that Theroux is A list or republican and above all Jennifer Aniston is known democrat ( she gave money for Obama’s campaign)


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