Blind Item (10/12/2015)

This A-list actress received a shock nomination recently that left a lot of people befuddled. The actress has her Oscar, but she also has a history of being snubbed for some of her best work. So, why the hell would she be nominated for this, and not that? An A-list friend, who produced the project, felt so bad for how it turned out that he quietly campaigned for her, as a way of making amends.

Who is the actress?

Who is the friend?

6 thoughts on “Blind Item (10/12/2015)

  1. “Making amends”… “felt bad”… Harvey? Hm, no I don’t think so. She must’ve fucked him. That’s the only reason he campaigns for women — if they put out. So, look at the females who are getting his awards attention right now and you will know who has slept with that disgusting walrus of a person *cough* Rooney Mara *cough*


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