Blind Item (18/12/2015)

This A-list actress is terrified that if she accepts a movie in the near future she’ll return to find her marriage in a completely different state. It explains why she hasn’t got anything in the pipeline, according to my source. She still gets good offers

Who is she?

11 thoughts on “Blind Item (18/12/2015)

  1. It could be anyone in Hollywood. Come on guys, BI are fun but some of your are way too vague, it certainly could fit half of the Hollywierd folks in most of your blinds. Too vague, add more spice in the form of hints please.
    Julia Roberts and her cameraman guy could be, he and his family have huge money problems and are living off Julia. She’s preparing for a financial battle, already selling most of her properties. The guy anyway, will end up taking whatever she gives him, he’s not ballsy enough to fight her.


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