Blind Item (09/12/2015)

This A-list reality star is leaking information to the tabloids about her soon to be ex-husband. She’s careful not to go too far in her attacks (avoiding mentioning his affairs), because her (not his) children are still very close to the man.

Who is she?


Baby on Board! Emma Willis Expecting Third Child


Big Brother host and TV’s hottest presenter Emma Willis is expecting her third child with musician husband, Matt Willis, according to The Sun. ‘Emma and Matt are thrilled,’ a source tells the paper. ‘It’s something they’ve been talking about for some time.’

Willis, 39, already has two children with husband of seven years, Matt: Isabelle, six, and Ace, four.

Willis begins presenting Celebrity Big Brother in January, and like her predecessor Davina McCalll will host the show pregnant.

Top of the Pops to Return


With the loss of The Voice to ITV, the BBC is in dire need of a musical show at the moment and they’re thought to have found their answer. The legendary musical show Top of the Pops is going to return to television screens.

The show, which started in 1964, abruptly ended in 2004 after falling ratings, but the BBC aren’t planning on bringing it back in a similar form – they intend of adding a new twist to the formula, according to The Telegraph.

The hosts of the reboot have not been announced, but previous hosts such as Jimmy Saville and David Lee Travis have notoriously been outed as paedophiles and rapists.

Blind Item Revealed

This A-list actress is miserable at the moment. She’s breaking her back trying to get pregnant with her husband and it’s just not happening. She’s rejecting movies as they come in to focus on her efforts, but it’s all futile so far. Maybe one day.

Who is our A-list actress?


Anne Hathaway

I wasn’t sure this one was going to be revealed any time soon, but I’m glad it is – Anne Hathaway has announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Adam Shulman. Hathaway had struggled to conceive and was involved with various fertility processes, even going as far as to reject movies and keep a clear schedule so she could focus on her goal.

Expect Hathaway to talk about her fertility troubles when she has an Oscar contender to promote.

Blind Item (07/12/2015)

This A-list actor used to force his A-list actress wife into donating to and endorsing Democratic candidates come election time. Ever since their divorce, with the exception of a close friend over ten years ago, there have been no others – she hasn’t donated a dime to anyone. Perhaps her A-list husband, who is a staunch Republican, has changed her views.

Who is our actor?

Who is the actress?

Game of Thrones Return with Cryptic Teaser


It’s only three months until the sixth season of Game of Thrones returns to our television screens, but the fans are already salivating for the release of the hit HBO show, and HBO have provided us with some nourishment. Along with a teaser poster that features the believed dead Jon Snow last week, HBO has released a teaser for the sixth season, featuring no new footage but images of deaths and famous moments from previous seasons, all accompanied by an austere voice over delivered by legendary actor Max von Sydow, who joins the series for next season.

Watch it here.


Blind Item (01/12/2015)

This A-list footballer is one of the highest paid players on the planet, but he’s hungering for more. He is no longer happy with earning close to half a mill a week. He wants to a earn a full mill. The club are refusing to pay and are willing to resort to releasing his wage demands, amongst other PR friendly moves, to make the player and his demands look unreasonable.

Who is he?

Blind Item Revealed

This suddenly A-list actress is underwhelming test audiences with her performance in a highly anticipated movie. She’s just sorely lacking charisma, they tell me. I can’t wait to read the reviews.

Who is she?

What is our film?


Lupita Nyong’o

We thought this one would be a lot more obvious than it was, but while some guessed the movie – none guessed the actress. Academy Award winning and suddenly A-list actress (12 Years a Slave was her first project of note and she won an Oscar) Lupita has had her part drastically cut from the upcoming Star Wars. The spin is Lupita struggled with motion capture (what?), but the truth is the studio test audience was underwhelmed by her performance as a pirate. I was hoping her part wouldn’t be cut and the reviews would be brutal, but alas…