Jamie-Lynn Sigler Lands TV Role


She’s best known as Meadow on the crime series The Sopranos, but fans are going to have to get used to Jamie-Lynn Sigler in a completely different role – Sigler has landed a prominent guest spot on struggling CSI spin-off CSI: Cyber.

Starring Patricia Arquette, CSI: Cyber has struggled to attract viewers on CBS, and the series will be revamped significantly for the second series.


Blind Item (28/01/2016)

A lot of people at this A-list entertainment company are very disappointed in this former A-list entertainer’s recent decison. Many of the executives feel that she’s one of the most charismatic talents that they’ve ever had and she’s just wasted all of her potential.

What is the company?

Who is the entertainer?

The X-Files May Continue On



Unlike the reboot miniseries of Heroes, The X-Files debuted to huge critical and commercial success Sunday on Fox, and it’s already sparked rumors of a continuation.

The X-Files premiered to 13.5 million viewers and Fox are said to be contemplating turning the miniseries into series 1 of a reboot show, according to various websites.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are currently attatched to star in their own series in the US and the UK respectively, so there’s no idea how the scheduling for yet another series would work.

The science-fiction series, which originally from 1993-2002, airs on Sundays on Fox.

Blind Item (26/01/2016)

The production company behind this upcoming series are sweating. They’ve had such little involvement in the project (despite funding it) and feel it’ll either be a huge success or a humiliating imbroglio. Several of their reps have even been told to stay away from the set, and there’s a feeling that the A-list writer is past his peak and pass√©.

What is the production company?

What is the show?



It’s been a long time coming, but the acclaimed ensemble of FRIENDS has finally reunited. Well, most of them. Missing Matthew Perry, who played Chandler and is currently performing in a play in London, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt Le Blanc and David Schwimmer are seen in a photo with several cast members of The Big Bang Theory at a gala for legendary television director James Burrows.

The five cast members will also film a tribute for Must See TV: A Tribute to James Burrows, which will air Sunday, Feb. 21 on NBC.

Rand Paul Rocked on Reddit



If you’re not a regular user on the social forum site Reddit, you might not know that it’s been the driving force behind Senator Bernie Sanders’ bid for President, coining such memes as Feel the Bern and organising a grassroots operation for the junior Senator from Vermont.

Reddit, a site with a demographic of mostly young, white males is usually considered liberal, but that didn’t stop Senator Rand Paul, a Republican Presidential candidate from Kentucky, partaking in an AMA (Ask Me Anything), where he won over many new fans.

Have a look at Rand’s awesome questions and answers here.


Brooke Mueller is Back in Rehab


A year after Charlie Sheen’s HIV reveal, Sheen’s ex-wife and the mother of two of his children Brooke Mueller is back in rehab for the 20th time, according to People. Mueller is committed to a six month stay in a top facility for an addiction to drugs. Mueller has notoriously had battles with crystal meth, cocaine, alcohol and various other substances.

Brooke has confirmed that she does NOT have HIV and neither do her two children with Sheen.

I just feel sorry for the children. At least they have Denise Richards.