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Month: January 2016

Blind Item (28/01/2016)

A lot of people at this A-list entertainment company are very disappointed in this former A-list entertainer’s recent decison. Many of the executives feel that she’s one of the most […]

Blind Item (27/01/2016)

This B-list actress has all eyes on her when she is on one of the biggest shows in the world, but little do people know that our B-list actress is […]

The X-Files May Continue On

Unlike the reboot miniseries of Heroes, The X-Files debuted to huge critical and commercial success Sunday on Fox, and it’s already sparked rumors of a continuation. The X-Files premiered to […]

Blind Item (26/01/2016)

The production company behind this upcoming series are sweating. They’ve had such little involvement in the project (despite funding it) and feel it’ll either be a huge success or a […]


It’s been a long time coming, but the acclaimed ensemble of FRIENDS has finally reunited. Well, most of them. Missing Matthew Perry, who played Chandler and is currently performing in […]

Blind Item (25/01/2016)

The significant other of this A-list personality / businessman earns over a million dollars from the perks of his contracts. She does effectively nothing and she’s netting over a million […]

Blind Item (22/01/2016)

This A-list reality star and houswife is trying to get a role on a very prominent project. She really wants to be an actress. She thinks she’s very talented. Despite […]

Rand Paul Rocked on Reddit

If you’re not a regular user on the social forum site Reddit, you might not know that it’s been the driving force behind Senator Bernie Sanders’ bid for President, coining […]

Brooke Mueller is Back in Rehab

A year after Charlie Sheen’s HIV reveal, Sheen’s ex-wife and the mother of two of his children Brooke Mueller is back in rehab for the 20th time, according to People. […]

Blind Item Revealed

The stars of this box office disappointment are shell shocked by what they’re recently been told by the studio. “No sequels. No spin-offs. No other appearances. It’s over.” They thought […]

Blind Item (21/01/2016)

This TV pilot is currently in production, but an A-list organisation are trying to buy it off the A-list network. ‘They fear it’ll be big and people will start… comparing […]

Blind Item (20/01/2016)

Like father like son, the son of this A-list rap star is also experimenting with other men. Hopefully he’ll be more open about his ongoings than his daddy. Who is […]

Blind Item (19/01/2016)

This A-list filmmaker is reaching out to A-list actors of the same ethnicity in hope of them joining his boycott. All have refused. All have no interest in him. Truthfully, […]