Blind Item (01/01/2016)

The producers of this A-list film franchise were upset over the negative ballyhoo caused by their last theme, so they’ve already tapped a long rumoured, fan-approved A-list songress for the next one. She’ll meet with them in the summertime of this year for talks, but there’s rumours flying about that she’s in line to sing a theme for another ultraviolent film franchise.

The A-list singer who sang the disappointing theme has been dropping hints that they want to return for the next installment, but the producers aren’t even entertaining the idea, feeling their lukewarm theme contributed to the negative response to the movie.

What is the franchise?

Who is the A-list songress?

What is the other franchise?

Who is the A-list singer?

5 thoughts on “Blind Item (01/01/2016)

  1. James Bond and Sam Smith are definitely the franchise and disappointing singer. The other two are much harder.

    I’m going with Ellie Goulding as the “long rumored, fan approved” singer. There was some hubbub over the summer about her possibly singing the theme for Spectre, which turned out to be untrue. The fans were quite content with that choice, but ultimately it did not come true. I would not be surprised if the Bond producers saw that as a coulda-shoulda-woulda.

    We have a few candidates for ultraviolent films with an installment coming out in 2016. Jack Reacher, Bourne 5, loads of comic book movies, and Star Trek/Wars. There’s also Ghostbusters, which seems like perfect fodder for a new pop theme song, except it’s not ultraviolent. Lastly there are some video game movies coming out next year like Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed, but these are not film franchises just yet. Lastly there is the distant maybe of Resident Evil, whose star was also in the terrible classic Ultraviolet.

    I guess I’ll go with Bourne.


    • I could see Bourne trying to do a theme tune. With that being said, I think Lana Del Rey is the female choice. 24, on her most recent album, is the rejected theme for Spectre.


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