Blind Item (04/01/2016)

This A-list President’s intelligence level has been speculated about for years. His critics want it to be low and his fans want it to be high. An abberation to the records, his IQ hasn’t actually been released. Of course, his people have tried in the past to release a force IQ and fluff up his intelligence, but don’t believe them (nor his critics) for a second.

Well, The Gossip Life has obtained a memo with the answer (and a couple of others). It’s not incredibly recent, but according to many experts your IQ  isn’t expected to change that much after 30.It’s not too salacious, but our President has an IQ between 115-120. That’s High Average Intelligence… And yet, it’d give him the second lowest POTUS IQ score. The lowest? Unfortunately it’s not who you think (or wish) it is – it’s the President who won on charisma and good looks.

Both our answers are Democrats.

Who is the President with the High Average IQ?

Who is the President with the lowest IQ?

17 thoughts on “Blind Item (04/01/2016)

  1. Obama’s IQ isn’t known, but his PR people tried to pretend that it was super fucking high or some shit. Fortunately no one bought into that shit and they stopped pretending.

    JFK had the lowest IQ of any President. Although he fucked Marilyn, so did he really?

    B Clinton has one of the highest.


  2. I think this blind is wrong, though if a “memo” of this kind is going around it’s going to be all over the news soon enough. From the clues given one of the two people is certainly Obama, who clocks in at about 116 based on what little analysis can be performed from his education and estimated test scores. The lack of verifiable evidence is frustrating here, and the data could be completely wrong. The other dumb president is probably LBJ.

    The problem with this blind, though, is that it claims the unreleased IQ is an “aberration to the records” when this data is almost always hidden away, leaving everyone to speculate and estimate based on records from college testing. Those, too, are generally incomplete. I’m going with LBJ as the lowest and Obama as the newfound second lowest based on the clues, but I think the story is bunk.

    Clues: Obama was famously said to have a “mental aberration” by Medvedev a couple years ago. LBJ got in on JFK’s charisma and good looks; notice that the blind doesn’t specify whose good looks.


    • Sounds like “an aberration” is editorial in the memo rather than ever record being avalible to read.

      Don’t expect the media to release any bad info on God Obama. They don’t want to be called racist now, do they?


  3. This is a biased Republican site looking to attack Dems.

    You expect us to believe you know the IQ of every president? Yeah, right. How would you know that? Most people don’t even know their own IQs.

    The Republicans who think Obama is dumb are the ones who believe homosexuality can be cured through prayer.


      • Agreed! Both sides make for good fodder. I wouldn’t mind some more juicy Trump rumors, though.

        And for our guest, Obama IS dumb, at least on a presidential scale. The last highly intelligent president we had in the US was Clinton, and before him was…Nixon, I guess. Hard to decide whether I prefer an intelligent sociopath or a dumb warmonger.


    • Our first SJW! Trigerred much? Every President knows their own IQ, dumbass. Stop getting trigerred because you see something that might not praise your overlords Obama and Clinton. They’re not as good as you think they are, snowflake, and screaming ‘racism’ and ‘bias’ isn’t going to change that.


      • All this talk about politics is triggering me, Dave. I need a safe space with puppies and coloring books and cute kitten videos. Please donate to my Patreon~


    • I think I’ve seen two political blind items on the site. Hardly enough to be a “republican site looking to attack dems.”

      I’m as Democrat as they come, but you’re retarded.


  4. Obama for second lowest.
    JFK or LBJ for the lowest. JFK always struck me as quite intelligent, but suppose he is just a great orator. Recently I have listened to white house recordings and he doesn’t seem exceptionally intelligent – had highly intelligent advisers though.


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