Blind Item Revealed

This A-List writer is currently deep within a depression over a development that’s happened with his career. He’s under so much pressure to deliver that he may just crack.

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George R. R. Martin & Bantam Books

George R. R. Martin

It’s official, folks. George R. R. Martin, beloved author of the A Song of Ice and Fires series that spawned Game of Thrones, has announced on his Livejournal page that book 6 of his epic fantasty series will NOT be released before Season 6.

Fans, publishers and even translaters and editors (many were told to be ready) were expecting “The Winds of Winter” before Season 6 of the HBO series, which is believed to reveal many key plot points such as “Will Cersei win her trial?” and the big one “Is Jon Snow alive? ”

Sadly for many fans, the answers to these questions will be revealed on the screen, not the page.

GRRM was told in May 2015 that for the book to be released in time that he’d have to get a complete manuscript to his publisher in October. We knew in June (and posted) that GRRM was already struggling and as he admits in his blog post, the pressure and the disappointment was eating him up.

We have a little more gossip on this. GRRM was given an extended deadline by his publishers when he admitted he couldn’t meet the October deadline for them. It would’ve still allowed the book to be released before Season 6 and he’d have a couple more months to iron out those finer details! Great. How nice of them, right? In truth, this was always the REAL deadline. His people knew that he wouldn’t meet an October deadline, but thought an earlier date would give him the incentive to wrap it up by the extension. Alas, to their shock (and annoyance, I’m told) he couldn’t meet that one either.

I’d love to be able to tell you when the book will be out, but all I’m hearing is “third or fourth quarter of 2016… we hope.”


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