Blind Item (05/01/2016)

It won’t be announced ahead of time, but this A-list show is set to come to a crashing stop at the end of its current season. Even trains come to a halt, and producers feel this season will deliver the right poetic ending. This season airing in 2016 will be its last.

What is the show?


16 thoughts on “Blind Item (05/01/2016)

  1. Is Hell on Wheels A-list? I’m not sure how “poetic ending” applies to the show, but it is definitely about trains, and it should be ending soon.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if this is about Homeland. Last season ended with a subway attack. No idea what they have planned for next season, but the show has been running on fumes for a long time and it’s time to end it.

    Otherwise…no idea, though the answer seems like it’s right in front of me.


    • Oh, and my other guess is “Halt” and Catch Fire, which fits in the crashing clue too. Still no idea what “poetic ending” is supposed to be, and I’d be a little surprise if such a new show is ending so quickly, but the clues are tempting.


      • Yeah, that was dumb. I hated how they set up the cliffhanger, then brought him back temporarily alive for no reason. Random bear attack was his ultimate cause of death. If they were going to kill him they could have found a way that was actually relevant to the story, and maybe make it heartbreaking instead of tedious and dumb.


  2. House of Cards. The poetic ending is reference to the number of episodes corresponding to the amount of cards in a pack of cards. The crash, halt and train is in reference to its most famous moment.



  3. It probably is House of Cards. Kinda makes me sad even though last season was meh. With HoC ending and Homeland also probably ending soon, I’m going to need to find new shows.


  4. Yesterday it was announced that the next season of Girls would be it’s last. I think the 1st article I saw about it posted a few hours after this blind appeared on Gossip Life.


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