Blind Item (06/01/2016)

It’s one of the most beloved film franchises ever, but despite promises and speculation, it has been inactive for several years now – things are about to change. The Gossip Life can reveal discussions for a sequel-reboot are underway, baby, and you could be seeing a new instalment within the next couple of years. The A-list lead actor wrapped up his other franchise recently and he’s ready to whip himself into shape, get into the groove and dive back into action.

What is the film franchise?

Who is the actor?

12 thoughts on “Blind Item (06/01/2016)

  1. Harrison Ford & Indiana Jones. There was talk that he might return for another one instead of getting a new Indiana like Chris Pratt. The clue is the “whip himself into shape” because Indy uses a whip.


    • I don’t know about that. Isn’t Harrison Ford going to be in SW VIII (flashbacks or de-aging), so the franchise wrap doesn’t exactly fit – nor for it being a recent prior commitment preventing Indy 5.

      That “baby” is throwing me off, too. The usage feels familiar but I can’t place it. My initial thought was Rocky and Sly Stallone, Expendables being the other franchise, but Creed has already been announced. This one is quite perplexing.


      • Creed wasn’t announced. It’s been out & did very well at the box office, might win an award or 2. Expendables just had a 3rd movie last year, so that doesn’t fit the blind either. The reason I think it’s Indy & Harrison Ford is there was just a big story about Disney announcing they’re doing another Indiana Jones movie a few days ago. For at least a year they’ve talked about a reboot with Chris Pratt playing Indy, but a few months back he said he wasn’t going to do it. Harrison’s also said he wouldn’t mind doing another Indy movie.

        As for Star Wars, I don’t want to say anything & spoil it for people that haven’t watched the movie yet, but I can see why the blind would be written as Harrison “wrapped up his other franchise.” If the writer of the blind doesn’t know exactly what’s happening with sequels or flashbacks then they might word it that way.


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