Blind Item (07/01/2016)

This unbelievably hyped project begins filming soon and the network behind it are gearing themselves up for a very dramatic set. It cost them a huge amount of capital when they outbid their rivals for the rights, but that is nothing compared to the salaries of the principal actors.

Our first is an A-list actress whose career seems to be recovering after a couple of bad years. She surrounds herself with scyophants and too often drinks the night away. There’s already been some clashing between her and the network over casting, and she’s been very controlling on who works on the project.

Our second is another A-list actress. She’s the biggest name and the best actress of the bunch, but she’s so insecure and solemn that the network is shocked to see how she’ll work with other actresses in her age group. She only signed on for the project for the role that is tailor made for winning awards.

Our third is also an A-list actress. She’s bohemian, beautiful and young. Both our other actresses are threatened by her. Both our actresses are annoyed by her.

This is all to be combined with a cast and crew of equally high calibre and ego.

More to come on this. I for one can’t wait.

What is the show?

Who is actress 1?

Who is actress 2?

Who is actress 3?


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