Blind Item (12/01/2016)

This shy A-list actress is no longer on talking terms with this other outgoing A-list actress. They recently worked on a movie together and not only did the outgoing A-list actress try and have scenes / lines cut from our shy A-list actress, but she also had her PR team spread nasty rumours about her. ‘[Bitchy Actress] was campaigning for an Oscar,’ says my source. ‘She thought that by putting rumors of nastiness on [name omitted] people would forget the countless times she’d been caught treating people like garbage.’

It all backfired when the movie tanked. Something that our outgoing A-list actress has, of course, tried to blame on our shy A-list actress. Our shy A-list actress has ignored it all, of course. She just puts on a smile, continues on working and ignores the outgoing A-list actress whenever she sees her.

Who is our A-list actress?

Who is the other A-list actress?

9 thoughts on “Blind Item (12/01/2016)

  1. I’m just trying to figure out if this is a story for a movie that came out a year or more ago or if it’s a movie that came out semi-recently & was supposed to be up for awards this year.


  2. Shy Actress: Amanda Seyfried.
    Outgoing Actress: Charlize Theron
    Movie they did together: A Million Ways to Die in the West
    The only thing is, I don’t think Charlize was campaigning for an Oscar at that point, unless she was delusional and thought she could get one for Dark Places.


    • I took it to mean that the movie they were working on was the potential Oscar nominee. If the story is saying that the actress was campaigning for another movie for the Oscar & then going to the set of this other movie with the shy actress then that could be a long list of actresses that would fit.


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