Blind Item (14/01/2016)

I feel quite protective over this A-list actress because I know many people on her staff and I feel she’s been the victim of ageism, insecurity and various other unnamed targets.

So, I thought today I’d give you a dual blind item regarding the A-list I like, and another A-list actress who is completely different to her.

The A-list actress I like is extremely kind to people, but her shyness and insecurity is often mistaken for coldness. She recently kept an independent movie she’s working on afloat by missing a precious event in her family’s life. Insurance couldn’t cover her missing a couple of days, so she spoke with her family and they understood. Our actress ultimately saved the movie over 6 figures.

Who is she?

This A-list actress is in the television medium. She’s the break-out character on a huge show. There were some difficulties at the start of filming regarding her salary and perks. After such a fantastic first season, she wanted to renegotiate, which she was not entitled to demand and she certainly wasn’t owed. She signed up for several years and she had to honour the salary she would be getting. Our actress wanted the pay bump so badly that she started missing dates, being late and then – here comes the grand show – feigned illness to skip off a shoot, costing the television show 6 figures and further inconveniencing over a 1000 people.

She got close to the deal she wanted in the end, but at a cost.

Who is she?

5 thoughts on “Blind Item (14/01/2016)

  1. Nicole Kidman is the thoughtful actress you are referring to. She has taken a lot of negativity for having to miss her father in laws funeral. She is married to a loving and supportive and in the business man who gets it.


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