Blind Item (15/01/2016)

People around this A-list politician are freaking out because of poll numbers, social media and buzz in Washington. The politician has led the polls and been thought of as a sure thing for awhile now, but all signs are pointing down.

And yes, although I’m not saying it is him, Donald Trump is considered a politician.

Who is the A-list politician?

9 thoughts on “Blind Item (15/01/2016)

  1. HIllary. She has too many mounting scandals, too many for the other politicians in Washington to ignore or think will slide. Her campaign has a had a few major flubs on social media, the “abuela” twitter backlash being a major recent example.


    • Bernie Sanders is the only one with any common sense and has been campaigning about the same issues that are currently plaguing our country for decades now.

      We need someone like him who is honestly willing to stand up and try to fix our issues instead of insulting everyone while talking about making America “great” again without exactly going into detail, uses his religious ideologies as a crutch to cater to the Bible thumpers, or coasts simply because of their famous political last name.


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