Amy Schumer Under Fire for Hypocrisy


In one of the most hypocritical stories of the day, alleged comedian Amy Schumer has hit out at a fan for a tweet he sent her. The fan, an amateur film critic of 17, posted a picture of himself with Schumer with the caption: ‘Spent the night with @AmySchumer. Certainly not the first guy to write that.’

Schumer, 34, hit back with a sarcasm laced response, saying: ‘I get it. Cause I’m a whore? Glad I took a photo with you.’

Schumer, whose comedy often pokes fun at her alleged promiscuity, is under attack from fans and social media for what people feel is hypocrisy.

The fan has since apologized.

10 thoughts on “Amy Schumer Under Fire for Hypocrisy

  1. My one problem with this story is calling the kid an “amateur” film critic. I assumed Amy mentioning his dad meant the kid was there because of him. Then I looked at his twitter & saw that he’s a voting member for the Critics Choice Awards (where this incident took place) and for the SAG awards. He also won an Emmy (for New York) as a critic. He’s 17, but the kid’s a pro. I’m guessing that’s at least one vote she’s lost for good. Now if everyone else could stop worshiping her stupid ass then we won’t have to think about her again.


  2. I don’t understand why she reacted so condescending/badly about a joke with no importance whereas she called herself ” whore or bitch” or made joke on her very sexually active life .
    If you search her name on Twitter,you can find many real insulting or misogynist tweets on her


    • What’s really sad is that Amy Schumer is a comedian that’s defended comedians doing offensive jokes. She’s been one of those that talks about people being too sensitive & being ready to be offended by anything anyone says. Yet here she is quick to be offended by a kid trying to make a joke.


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