Blind Item (19/01/2016)

This A-list filmmaker is reaching out to A-list actors of the same ethnicity in hope of them joining his boycott. All have refused. All have no interest in him. Truthfully, they’re tired of him and one VERY VERY VERY A-list actor is just embarrassed by him. Only a D-list actress has rallied for his cause, and her A-list significant other is kinda disinterested in the whole thing, too.

I really hope this goes more public.

Who is the A-list filmmaker?

Name some of the A-list actors.


13 thoughts on “Blind Item (19/01/2016)

  1. Spike Lee & Jada Smith. I’m going to say the very A list person that is embarrassed by Spike is either Samuel L. Jackson or Denzel.


    • I should say the “VERY VERY VERY” makes me think Denzel. Even though Sam’s been in huge money makers I think Denzel is still considered higher than him on the list. Denzel has worked with Spike, so it makes sense that Spike would go to him hoping he would join the boycott.

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      • Here’s the thing Denzel is the bigger star, but Sam is the highest grossing actor of all time, so it really could be both.

        Either way, I’m so tired of the Jesse Jackson of Hollywood making everything about race.


      • You’re right Dave about Sam. The problem is his numbers include movies that he wasn’t the star of. Like the Star War prequels. Those made huge money but it wasn’t because Sam Jackson was in them. Denzel’s almost always the lead in his movies & Sam goes from Lead to supporting all the time. That’s why I think it’s Denzel.


  2. I feel sorry for Will Smith. He could have conceivably won an Oscar some day. Now it’s going to be a big joke if Jada ever tries to attend the ceremony again. If Will and Jada actually split over this because he no longer wants to be associated with her, I won’t be surprised. Where was she last year? Hmmm?


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