Blind Item (28/01/2016)

A lot of people at this A-list entertainment company are very disappointed in this former A-list entertainer’s recent decison. Many of the executives feel that she’s one of the most charismatic talents that they’ve ever had and she’s just wasted all of her potential.

What is the company?

Who is the entertainer?

7 thoughts on “Blind Item (28/01/2016)

    • Wish there was an edit button! I forgot to say that this is probably someone younger, so not that woman that just did a porn for Vivid that used to be in the WWE, Sunny I think? She’s older. I’m not sure what counts as young in porn anymore. Do they still think a porn actress has potential if she’s 22? 25? What’s the cut off for that industry?


      • What I mean is when “potential” is used in a blind it’s usually there because the person is younger & had all the potential to be more. Like Lohan before she fell apart completely. It could be Sunny, but most blinds I read that use potential & don’t mention that this was back in the day usually means it’s someone under 30 or maybe 35. But that’s only my own guess….. you might be right about it! Hope it’s revealed!


  1. Lol. It’s not WWE and Tammy Sytch. The blind says the person “just wasted all of their potential”.

    As in, recently. Sytch no longer had any potential, so her doing a porn wasn’t wasting any “potential”.

    Also, her porn deal was done and shot last spring and was rumored to be happening for most of last year. The only thing that was recent was that it was formally announced and the trailer was released.

    Not to mention her numerous drug problems and run ins with the law.

    I would be highly shocked that this blind was about WWE/Tammy Sytch/Tammy’s porno.


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