Blind Item (08/02/2016)

If you’re a fan of this television show, you may have noticed some strange ongoings regarding its renewal and production. Usually the series is renewed after its release. It’s been the tradition its last couple of seasons, but something changed this year – why? I can confirm it was a conscious decicision and I can confirm it was meant as an affront. But why?

The series was originally supposed to run for a certain amount of episodes and a certain amount of seasons. That was the plan. That was always the plan. I even published a blind item that told you the series is set to come to a shocking ending and this’ll be its last season.

What changed?

The network behind the show agreed to the original plan because they were convinced that – by now – they’d have several huge shows availible for their audience to eat up and the award shows to nominate. They don’t. They need the show more than they thought they would, so they went back on their word and caused many of the cast and crew dismay, some even quit.

I can tell you this, however, the upcoming season will still have a very shocking ending.

What is the show?

What is the company?

Who quit?


10 thoughts on “Blind Item (08/02/2016)

  1. Is the shocking ending to the season going to be Robin Wright’s character being killed? Or Kevin Spacey being killed & the show will turn into a show about Robin’s character fighting to become president?


  2. This certainly explains what’s going on with Netflix and House of Cards. Literally everyone knows it was supposed to be four seasons and the final episode was supposed to end with Frank Underwood’s death.

    I thought Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey wanted to get back to movies. I don’t know why they agreed to another series.


  3. So this is definitely House of Cards. Biggest clue:

    “they’d have several huge shows availible for their audience to eat up”

    Eat up, aka binge watching. I wonder who quit? Was it cast or crew? I wonder if it was the writers quitting out of protest, since they were promised a home that values artist integrity over ratings. I doubt any major actors would drop out of such a prestigious program, unless they had a better offer? I’m going with a major writer.

    Oh, and the shocking ending isn’t Kevin Spacey dying. That’s anti-shocking. If they REALLY wanted to fuck with people, the twist will revolve around Claire. Either she’ll wind up running for President or he’ll wind up strangling her. I’ll go with the latter; he kills somebody every season.


    • The show runner for House of Cards Beau Willmon isn’t coming back for season 5. Season 4 is his last. That’s the rumor, I’m not sure if it’s been made official or not.


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