Blind Item (09/02/2016)

This A-list writer / producer is extremely powerful and successful, but his star has waned a little after several flop seasons and series. He’s the producer on a current show, but his involvement has been scaled back on the creative side for its first season. The show has turned out to be a triumph on all fronts and it already has a second season in development.

Here’s the problem. Our A-list writer / producer (and his partner) feel the success is in equal part to them and are now involving themselves more and more in the creative proccess, and the results of their domineering, haughty insistences are… far from auspicious.

Who is he?

What is the show?



6 thoughts on “Blind Item (09/02/2016)

  1. I’m guessing American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson. Ryan Murphy is a noted queen and he cannot keep a show going beyond a pilot. Apparently the second season is based on the Bush government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, which seems… strange? considering the premise.


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