Blind Item (12/02/2016)

I can exclusively confirm that this miniseries has become such a hit that they are bringing it back for a full season. It’s a definite thing, bet on it.

What is the show?

6 thoughts on “Blind Item (12/02/2016)

  1. The most popular miniseries of the last year is, without a doubt, Making a Murderer. Fargo is right behind, but the clue doesn’t match either of these options, and season 3 of Fargo was announced already anyway. Unless it’s a reference to a famous line from something that came out this year, I have no idea.


  2. Hmm… If it is The X Files i think it might be a UK season number like 13 episodes not the usual 20+ US version. Unless Fox have driven a truck full of $$$$$$$$ up to Duchovny’s house. Cause he kept saying again and again he would never do a full season again.


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