Blind Item (15/02/2016)

A decision has been made to slowly phase this A-list fighter out of the company. Their heart is no longer in the game and the hierarchy knows it.

Who is the A-list fighter?

9 thoughts on “Blind Item (15/02/2016)

  1. I think Ronda seems to be branching out her horizons. Probably the best decision she could make. Her defeat was humiliating and really killed her momentum. I do wonder if she’ll stick to acting next, or try hosting / reality show.


    • I know she’s got the Road House remake that she’s working on. I know she’s been discussed for alot of different parts, but not sure how good of an actress she is. Losing that fight is probably going to hurt her at the box office too because she’ll no longer be viewed as this unstoppable fighting machine.


    • Rousey was never a draw for UFC. Her buy rate was pretty poor compared to Conor McGregor or any of the guys. People pretend to like her because it’s the “cool thing”.


      • Not true at all. Take a look at this: at the bottom of the list you’ll see a PPV with her headlining did 75,000 more buys than a main event with Conor McGregor. There was another list I can’t find right now that showed she was consistently doing better than most of the men. Some “Superfights” would do better, but Rousey was doing great numbers even when she faced opponents no one believed had a shot in hell against her.


      • Just adding facts: McGregor’s last fight (UFC 194) had a buyrate of 1.2 million, compared to Rousey’s last fight (UFC 193) 1.1 million.


      • Yeah, she’s done really well for them. I’m not sure where Levine is getting this idea that she’s not a draw for the UFC. The reason they’ve been shoving her down everyone’s throat is because she’s a big draw.


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