Blind Item (18/02/2016)

The production has been announced, alongside a famous actress in the titular role and a solid director helming. It’s only a matter of time before the movie is made, right? Guess again. After the actress’ last movie tanked, the studio are considering scrapping the entire movie or recasting the lead. They feel the actress doesn’t with the target audience at all and it’s potential a cataclysmic failure. Their marketing department is encouraging them to recast, but the hierarchy favour scrapping the entire thing.

Who is the actress?

What is the movie?

14 thoughts on “Blind Item (18/02/2016)

  1. I was thinking it was that cunt Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast, but now I’m convinced that it’s the semon demon Chloe Grace Moretz in The Little Mermaid. The 5th Wave flopped and Sony seemed to think it was gonna make bank.


    • A movie making $40 million more than its budget didn’t “tank.” Tank means it lost money. Joy made money, Jen is nominated for awards, so it doesn’t remotely qualify for this blind.


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