Blind Item (23/02/2016)

This A-list actor / director is a practising Christian and always has been, but you’ll never hear him say it.Why? He doesn’t feel it fits in with his ‘cool, intellectual image.’ This is just one of the many parts of his real persona that he hides to befit his ‘cool, intellectual image.’ Truly a great pretender.

Who is he?


10 thoughts on “Blind Item (23/02/2016)

  1. Ben Affleck? The cool intellectual is throwing me though. Affleck goes on Real Time with Bill Maher & talks about politics & world issues, so that could fit the intellectual part. Not sure how Christian it is to cheat on your wife on a constant basis, but that hasn’t stopped alot of Christians.


    • I thought cheating on your wife was the Christian thing to do.

      Ben Affleck describes him as a “lapsed Protestant” but is photographed at church regularly.


    • The way this is written yeah, I can see it being Affleck. Surprising, though. His marriage must really suck if he’s so hellbent on humiliating the mother of his kids. Not very Christian!


  2. Ben Affleck ? Serious ?!
    To go at church with your futur ex-wife and your adorable kids after a night at Las Vegas casino to be photographed by the paps to show that you are a good Christian doesn’t make you a good Christian .
    Just my opinion .


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