Blind Item (26/02/2016)

It’s fair to say that our A-list actor is the biggest action star in the world: an idol of masculinity and machismo everywhere, but there are rampant rumours that our actor can be a little “queen” when he wants to be. Several former co-workers are convinced he’s gay.

He must keep that closet door firmly closed, because nobody knows for sure.

Who is he?

24 thoughts on “Blind Item (26/02/2016)

  1. Rock Hudson 😀

    Serious answer: Vin Diesel is gay, but I don’t think he’s the biggest action star in the world. Though, the last F&F movie did make a bazillion dollars, so…not sure. If the blind said “one of the biggest” I would 100% think this is pointing to Vin.

    The Rock…not a big action star, despite his potential. Daniel Craig? Maybe. Stallone? Over the hill, with the last Expendables flopping. Arnold’s comeback action movies flopped too. Tom Cruise is definitely gay, but the opposite of masculinity and machismo. I would laugh if Chuck Norris is gay, but his time is long past as well. Bruce Willis has also been on the decline.

    I guess I’m going with Vin. The only action stars to earn more than Vin last year are Chris Pratt and RDJ. Fun blind.


    • “The Rock…not a big action star…” The Rock’s movies made over $5 billion dollars at the box office world wide. Robert Downey Jr. is at $7 billion even though he’s had a 20 year head start on The Rock. Chris Pratt’s movies have made $3 billion world wide. So how is The Rock not a big action star?


      • Well for one, the blind says “the biggest in the world,” but the main reason is that The Rock has yet to headline a single successful action movie. All of his successful roles are bit parts, F&F, which contributes most of that 5b figure you cited, The Other Guys, and some other minor roles. He has made great action movies in the past (The Rundown) but nothing wildly successful. The Scorpion King and San Andreas come to mind as big budget disappointments with his face all over the poster. I don’t know why his talent has been wasted on shitty scripts, but for the last fifteen years he’s been doing only bit parts or flops.


      • San Andreas $473.8 million world wide.

        Journey 2 $335.3 million world wide.

        Hercules $244.8 million world wide.

        GI Joe Retaliation 375.7 world wide. (This was marketed as The Rock being the clear star of the movie. There are other people in it, but he takes up 80% of the posters, the commercials & his name is first in the credits.)

        With the Fast & Furious movies The Rock is pretty consistently listed as one of the big reasons for the last 3 movies doing so well. Before he joined the cast the movies didn’t do nearly the business they’ve done. I personally don’t agree with that & think there are other reasons they were successful, but what you & I think doesn’t matter, because the word around Hollywood is he’s a giant reason for those movies resurgence.

        Chris Pratt’s movies are Guardians of the Galaxy, part of an ensemble riding on the back of the success of Marvel’s movie universe. Jurassic World, a sequel to the Jurassic Park movies (or a reboot,) & the Jurassic Park movies were giant hits on their own. If we’re not counting movies that have other stars in them then we can remove the couple of billion that Robert Downey Jr made for The Avenger movies & the billion that Chris made from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

        *Numbers are from*


      • Sorry for the long post Dennis. I’m currently up at 6am waiting to get ready for an event this afternoon. I’m basically sitting in a chair while people do my hair & makeup, so I’ve got some free time! 🙂


    • San Andreas was far from a disappointment. They expected to make all their money on that internationally and it defied expectations by grossing a decent sum domestically. I’m pretty sure it was tracking lower here and beat out the predictions with opening weekend, too. A sequel is currently in the works, but I don’t know if that’s been announced yet.

      No one talks about The Scorpion King anymore, but even that did respectable business.


    • All four of whom are gay (NTTAWWT), so take your pick.

      Like pretty much every successful male Hollywood actor, there have been rumors that Duane Johnson is gay, but in his case, I don’t buy them.


  2. It’s that cum chugger, The Rock, who had pec implant surgery and can’t seem to stop going back to the WWE to rub his package against other roid-ridden spergs.


  3. If this is Daniel Craig, I will lose it…he is effing hot ( and I don’t usually go for blondes.)

    But in all seriousness, Tom is a HUGE closet case and for years, there have been rumors about Vin and rent boys in WeHo.


    • But Daniel has a teeny weenie according to multiple blinds. Although I agree his ass is point especially in the opening chase scene back in Casino Royale.


      • Daniel Craig went full frontal in a couple of scenes in “Love is the Devil”. From what I remember, his basket’s about average size.


  4. I’m tempted to say Chris Evans, but the “world’s biggest action star” and “machismo” aren’t things that I equate with him. So I’m gonna go with Vin Diesel.


  5. machismo is a latin term but I can’t really think of a a-list action star of Latino descent at the moment so I would guess the Rock as well. The queen reference to him being the “tooth fairy”? Would say Colin Farrell but I don’t think he is A-list. Would also say Liam Neeson given his recent run of action generated films the past decade. Matt Damon since he is reprising Jason Bourne? It’s sad that there are so many “straight” action stars to choose from lol.


    • Welcome to the community, darling. Haven’t seen you here before, but I hope you’ll stick around.

      I’m so with you on it being sad that there are so closeted action stars. Say what you want about Arnold and Sly, but at least they’re not frauds like those closet cases Vin and Jason!


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